The Year Ahead

Summer Gala

Hi all,

A new social event this year is a Summer Gala to be held on Saturday 24th June 11.00am - 4.00pm also at the Comrades Club. This will include a BBQ, tombola , silent auction, bric-a brac, stall, Hecky quiz etc. Stalls can also be hired at £15. The Comrades have also agreed to open the bar. We need donations of prizes, auctionable items etc. plus if you have any other good ideas for fund raising please let us know.

Thanks. Rosemary.

Annual General Meeting 2017

Annual General Meeting Update

Just to confirm that our AGM will be held on Thursday 22nd June 8.00pm at the Comrades Club (main hall). Please make every effort to attend. Members will be receiving their nomination forms within the next week or so.

It is vital that as many people as possible attend this meeting as the future of the Society needs to be addressed, given the unsustainable losses made on the past few productions. Please come along and show your support.
Thank you. Rosemary.

First rehearsal for Shout!

Hi all,

First rehearsal for Shout! The Mod Musical will be Thursday 25th May at 7.30pm at the Comrades Club. It will be a read and sing through rehearsal. Please can anyone who is wanting to be part of the ensemble for the show come along to that rehearsal. If you're unable to attend please let Helen know.

Thanks, Helen

SHOUT Auditions, 11th May 2017

Hi Everyone,

Character breakdowns and audition lib are attached. Please let me know if you want to audition and I will get the music sent over to you and allocate you with a time.

Thanks, Helen

Shout! Characters

Please note that the ages are playing ages only.
Blue Girl (aged 25-30). A blue-blooded fashion model with a high soprano belt. Low Bb to High C. Blue is sophisticated, poised, cool and aloof.
Green Girl (aged 35-45). Mezzo with Shirley Bassey-like belt. She is a good-time girl. Blousy, middle-class and zany, she is a bit frayed at the edges, and hopelessly single. A comedian is needed.
Orange Girl (aged 30-40). Soprano with belt. Low Bb to High Bb. The mother of the group. Orange is domestic and maternal. Wise, soulful, and mature. She is slowly asserting her new-found independence.
Red Girl (aged 20-30). Soprano with belt. Low Bb to High C. The baby of the group. Red is quirky, enthusiastic and naïve. A hopeless romantic, she is insecure about her looks and possibly a bit chunky.
Yellow Girl (aged 25-35). Alto with big rock diva belt. F below mid C to belt Eb. Yellow is an uninhibited and brash American. She is a ray of sunshine with a surprising vulnerability.
Voiceover (female, any age). Usually done as an off-stage voiceover, but will be done as an on-stage narrator. No solo singing.
Gwendolyn Holmes (aged 40+). Magazine agony aunt. Gets gradually more and more intoxicated throughout the piece. No solo singing.
Male Lothario (aged 20-50). Handsome, suave, confident and good-looking man. Non-speaking part, but needs to be an expressive actor. The object of everyone’s affections! (If interested please attend the first rehearsal)
Go-Go Dancers - A number of female ‘Go-Go Dancers’ will be needed for the chorus. Age not important, you just need to be able to swing and sing! (If interested please attend the first rehearsal)

Audition Pieces:
Voiceover p.5 ‘swinging London…’ to p.6 ‘…on their minds.’
Gwendolyn Holmes p.52 ‘Dear confused in Chelmsford…’ to ‘…company of other women.’
Orange, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Girls p.21 (Green) ‘According to this survey…’ to p.22 ‘…break up with you.’ p.58 (Yellow) ‘Dear Gwendolyn Holmes…’ to ‘Frightened in Brixton.’ Please read in an American accent.

Show Annoucement, September 2017

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that our September show is going to be SHOUT 'The Mod Musical', this is to be preformed at the Comrades club Heckmondwike 6th, 7th & 8th September. It's full of all the well known songs from the Swinging sixties by such people as Tony Hatch & Burt Bacharach. Auditions will be taking place at the Comrades on Thursday 11th May. If you would like an attachment of the audition parts either let me or Helen know. If you intend to audition please email Helen so she can allocate you atime. Her email is Thanks. Rosemary.

Happy New Year - 2017

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our first rehersal back will be on Thursday 5th January 2017 at Comrades Club, 7.30pm. We require everyone including all principlas & children. We will be going through all music and setting some numbers. We will also have this years rehersal schedule avaliable.

Tickets are also now on Sale for our 2017 production to be held Thurs 16th to Sun 19th March, with 2 weekend matinees at 2.30pm. Please contact Caroline through our email address to order yours. Order now so as not to be disapointed.

Last Rehersal of 2016

Our last rehersal of 2016 will be on Thurday 22nd December, 7.30pm at the Comrades Club.

Back by Popular demand will be our Festive Bake Off. This will take place at the interval, everyone is welcome including partners, children & friends, where you can wear your christmas jumers, hats, antlers, scarves etc. Everyone is welcome to bring an entry or try the entries that are there. There will also be a secret santa raffle and christmas quiz.

The King and I Rehersals

Our first rehersal for 'The King and I' will be on Thursday 10th November at the comrades Club, Heckmondwike at 7.30pm. There will be an opportunity to sing through the audition songs.

Auditions will take place the following Thursday 17th November from 7.30pm at Unidted Reform Church (URC) High Street, Heckmondwike. Audition pieces will be availiable at our first rehersal or from Pete (to download) of from myself (paper copies).

We are to hold an informal audition/registration session for children whishing to be involved (6 years and over) on Sunday 20th Novemeber 10-12am at the Comrades Club.

Thank you. Rosemary

2017 Show Launch Night

Our Launch night for 'The King and I' will be on Thursday 3rd November, 7.30pm at the Comrades Club, Heckmondwike and this will include Oriental Style nibbles, a silent auction and a musicals themed quiz. COme and meet the production team. See you all there.


2017 Show

Hello Everyone, We are happy to announce that our show for March 2017 is going to be 'The King and I'.

We are now looking for a director for this fantastic show. We are also now seeking any children interested in being part of this show, The age range for this is 6 years and upwards. Please can anyone that is interested contact myself or our secretary Rosemary Simpson. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in rehersals.



Halloween Extravangaza

>Dont forget that rehersals are starting up again for Ron Nicols "Too Many Brides for Dracula" on September 14th at the Comrades Club, Heckmondwike, following our summber break. We look forward to seeing all members of the cast there. Dont forget to come and support us by buying your tickets for either 27th or 28th October 2016.

Social News Summer 2016!

Hi Everyone, we are happy to announce that we have organised our next social event, this is for all members, family & friends!

We are holding BBQ on Sunday 17th July from 2pm. Tickets are £5 per adult, £3 per concessions and a donations bar. There will also be a silent auction and other items during the day as well.

This event will be happening at Jeremy's House, please RSVP for catering a special dietary requirements and for the address.

Thanks Caroline

Halloween Extravaganza 2016 Cast Announcement!

We would like to thank everyone who came to the read through of "Too Many Brides for Dracula" last Thursday.

There was a fantastic turnout and the evening was a sucess. It was a pleasure seeing everyones talents!

We are happy to announce that we have been able to cast this play.

The cast list is as follows:

Janet Peace - Director of "Too Many Brides for Dracula"
Christine Shoesmith - Choreographer / Heckmonwide Cildrens Director
Caroline Pringle - Organiser
Rosemary Simpson - Organiser

Jonathan Harker - Darren Gledhill
Count Dracula - Jeremy Shoesmith
Mina Murray - Christine Shoesmith
Lucy Westenra - Caroline Pringle
First Bride - Amanda Shoesmith
Young Woman / Second Bride - Arran Shoesmith
Third Bride - Eleanor Peace
Mrs Swales - Janet Peace
Arthur Holmwood - Tom Lambert
Mrs Westenra - Rosemary Simpson
Doctor Van Helsing - Pete Forsyth
Dracula's Manservant - Jack Clare

Annual General Meeting 2016 Update

Thank you to everyone who attended last nights AGM. It was fantastic to see so many members supporting our society. We would like to thank everyone for your continued support.

We are happy to announce that our new 2016/17 committee was selected last night and we would like to welcome back all previous and new members and we look forward to working with you this year, a list of the committee and roles for this year can be seen in 'our team' section of the website.

We are happy to annouce to our members, as well as members of the public, that the organising of our Halloween Extravaganza is fully underway and that the play "Too Many Brides for Dracula" has been fully cast! Cast list can be seen below. We are also pulling together the rehersal schedules for the different sections of this event and these will be published shortly on this page as well as keep a keen eye out to see what is happening!

Thank you again to everyone who came last night.

Annual General Meeting 2016

Annual General Meeting Update

A reminder that our AGM is this Thursday 16th June at 8pm at the Comrades Club (bar area) We can't stress enough how important this meeting is going to be so please make every effort to attend. Yes folks, it really is serious, so please come aling and show your support. Thank you!

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 16th June at 8.00pm in the lounge/bar area of the Comrades Club, Regent Street, Heckmondwike. Anyone is welcome to attend but only paid up members will be sent formal papers and be eligible to vote. If anyone would like to be supplied with a copy of the rules please let me know.

It is vital that as many people as possible attend this meeting as the future of the Society needs to be addressed, given the unsustainable losses made on the past few productions. Please come along and show your support.
Thank you. Rosemary.

Halloween Extravaganza 2016

We are proud to announce that we are now organising this event. Please keep an out on this page for further information on Read through dates of the play "Too Many Brides for Dracula", rehersal schedules and cast list. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Information update......We are holding a short play reading of the spoof "Too Many Brides for Dracula". This will take place at the Comrades Club on Thursday 9th June at 7.45pm.

The play is one act and is about 45 minutes long. It is a hilarious spoof on the well known story of Dracula and has loads of parts for everyone - some only a few lines, others much larger. It should go down a storm with audiences and is very new so hasn't been done in the area. So come along and have a laugh (or indicate your interest by email) and see these well known characters as never before!! See you there!!

If you are interested in any aspect of this event please contact ourselves on

NODA Review 'The Pirates of Penzance' 2016

Heckmondwike Players are going from strength to strength, Cleckheaton Town Hall is a difficult venue for any production, but the Players coped extremely well, they even had a Galleon on Stage which they managed to move on and off.

I thought the Orchestra sounded a little thin during the overture with the musical arrangement for a reduced band, but once the show started you forgot all about it and found it was a great accompaniment to the production.

This was a most enjoyable and crafted production, it kept the audience totally absorbed throughout. I think 'Pirates' is the most popular Gilbert and Sullivan Opera, it was such a shame to see the hall half empty, it certainly deserved more 'bums' on seats!

A charming Mabel, (Helen Wirgglesworth) sang beaufifully along with her Frederic, (Richard Armstrong) they made a delightful pair of engaging lovers. Frederic gave a polished performance, great singing, good acting pulling out all the laughs were necessary.

As the Pirate King, (Gareth Jones) bounded on to the stage looking like the very evil pirate he was supposed to be, he and Ruth (Sheelagh Wood) made a great pair of villians. Their trios in the second act along with Frederic were very well performed.

The Major-General Stanley, (Ian Fryer) such a contrast to last year's performance, when he played the evil 'Mr Jekyll/Mr Hyde', he gave an incredible performance with the patter song, the clarity of his words was excellent.

The three Daughter's, Edith, Kate and Isabel put a great deal into establishing their characters, they were backed by a good chorus with strong singing and plenty of innovative movement.

Two good sets, especially the second act along with lovely lighting. Well done!

Jacqui Hartley NODA Rep. District 10

Last of the Summer Wine

We are looking to put on the Last of the Summer Wine play in June 2016 at the Comrades Clun in Heckmondwike. We are looking for talented xast to portray iconic characters such as Compo, Clegg, Foggy, Nora Batty and others in the hilarious Yorkshire-based farse!
We would appreciate it if those interested could please contact Helen Wrigglesworth with their expressions of interest at after which a casting read through will be organised.
Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in this venture, will be in touch with you once we have decided how we are proceeding.

Rehearsal Schedule | King and I 2016

Date Time Venue What we are doing Called



Rehersal Venues

St Andrews Methodist Chruch, Bradford Road, Liversedge, WF15 6EF
Comrades Club, 15 Regent Street, Heckmondwike, WF16 0HD
United Reform Church (URC)